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That’s Right!!! We have opened another location in Vista, California. For more information see below.

23507 El Toro Rd.
Lake Forest, CA 92630
903 E. Imperial Hwy.
Brea, Ca 92821
410 Vista Village Drive,
Vista CA. 92083
HOURS (Vista Location Closed Mon & Tues)
M-F: 10am - 5pm
SAT: 10am - 5pm
SUN: 10am - 5pm



It is better for your bird to have a cage that is too large than one that is too small. Your bird should be able to flap its wings inside of the cage without touching both sides of the cage. It is also good to have more than one perch in the cage so your bird may climb around and exercise when it is inside the cage. Food bowls should be positioned so that the bird cannot sit on them and get them dirty. Some birds need padlocks or quick-links on the cage doors because they are escape artists. When looking for a cage for your bird, be sure to pick one that is roomy and easy to clean. The new cages that we sell are powder-coated with a safe, non toxic paint, which is easier to clean. Stainless steel cages are longer lasting and prevent chipping of paint due to the bird chewing the cage. Purchase a cage with a grill on the bottom to keep your bird away from its feces or old food.

Be sure your bird has lots of interesting toys. Some birds are afraid of new toys. If this happens, the best thing to do is to show the bird the new toy, but don’t put it inside the cage, just set it down near the cage. Every time you have the chance, pick the toy up and show it to your bird and tell your bird how neat this new toy is. After a few days, try hanging the toy on the outside of the cage, down low. Move the toy into the cage when you feel the bird is no longer afraid of it. Be sure to rotate your bird’s toys so they can experience variety. If the bird has a favorite, then leave that one, but replace the others. Get toys of different types, textures and colors. Foraging toys are also good.